Teaks letzte Tage

Last signing  

the last time he writes his name

Explaining his work  

Explaining his grandson the ship in a storm, yet to come

Waiting in connection  

waiting together

Last meal  

The last meal with his familiy


His last cheering to my health, he couldn't drink it anymore.

Silent conversation  

Sometimes no words are needed

Not Alone  

Waiting for death to come, not letting go, not leaving him alone

Between life and death  

His wife and his grandchild are waiting for his passing away. The only connction to life is their hands.

Last portrait  

Minutes after he passed away. Is he really dead?

Living room  

In the living room, the same place in front of the TV he so often used to be.

Leaving his house  

leaving his house for the last time, carefully wathed by his grandson.

Thats it  

All that remains. A Chair and a mess. Our mess, maybe?